Keep Calm and Bring Your Fire

I think I’ve already said this ten times, but I can’t believe Bushfire is over. We spent years and months and days thinking about it and getting our hopes up and it exceeded all expectations. Bushfire is a yearly festival in Swaziland that brings in acts from all over the world. We got to Swaziland last Thursday to adjust for our three day “marathon.”
On Friday, the festival didn’t start until 5pm, so we took a hike around our backpackers which was on a wildlife reserve. I was made fun of for wanting to see zebras, and then 3 minutes into our walk, BOOM: zebras.


Warning: Zebras are closer than they appear.

We also saw warthogs, antelope, a monkey, and a crocodile pool (no crocs) while surrounded by a gorgeous landscape.

That night, we arrived at the festival and were all hanging out. I went wild and got a pulled pork sandwich, and then a couple of minutes later, I was speed walking to the porta-potty to throw up. There was a stomach bug going around, and I was the idiot who got it during the festival. So I went home early, not before throwing up in front of our shuttle driver, and got everything (literally, everything) out of my system. Luckily our backpackers was close to the festival so I was serenaded by good music over the sound of vomiting. (TMI?)
The next day, I was a little dehydrated but a million times better. We spent the day dancing, hanging out, and looking at the great local crafts they offered. Sunday was the exact same glorious thing, except this time I actually enjoyed some awesome food too (not pork). Seafood paella was a risk, but a delicious one.

For those of you who want to sound international and well-traveled at parties, check out my favorites from the festival:
-OY: from Switzerland, a fiesty female with fun songs and awesome¬†synthesizers, and a drummer who wore a bag on his head the whole performance. I don’t know.
-Bomba Estereo: an awesome “electro-tropical” band from Colombia with an even fiestier female singer. We all desperately either wanted to be her, marry her, or at least be Colombian.
-Jeremy Loops: a cool dude from South Africa, folksy with some great beats. He played as the sun was setting over Swaziland’s gorgeous mountains, it was an unforgettable moment.
-The Soil: an acapella group from South Africa, another fiesty female with a kiilllller voice. They’re a three member sibling group, and they say their fourth member is God, but regardless of whether you’re a God groupie or not you have to respect their talent.

In terms of life accomplishments, Tara and I got a picture with Jeremy Loops AND we were on the jumbo-tron for our smooth moves during The Muffinz’ performance. Since the quality of the pictures from my camera is similar to what you’d see on an Etch A Sketch, I’ll add photos when my dear friends upload more of them.

Bushfire is awesome because they work to empower the local community, especially the youth, and also advocated protecting yourself against HIV with some awesome gear.


Our hats keep us cozy and tell others to condomise at the same time!!

Bushfire made me excited for concerts and festivals back in the States, and it was amazing how I could feel so at home among tens of thousands of strangers thousands of miles away. Don’t be fooled, hippies are everywhere.


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  1. Laura Dent

    I love your stories.† Sorry you were sick.. Hippies are everywhere.† Can’t wait till you come visit!!† Bring Stefan Love and miss you

    Laura Dent cell: 727 687-8785


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