Busy Week

As the title suggests, this week was pretty busy. I missed Monday since a bunch of us all went to a volunteer’s site for the weekend. We ate great food and had a ton of laughs; it was a great time. I’m seeing more volunteers’ sites and more are seeing mine this year than all of last year. Better late than never.

On Tuesday the administrative clerk at my school told me my Mother Bear packaged arrived! The Mother Bear project (http://www.motherbearproject.org/) collects knitted bears from people in America and sends them to vulnerable children in developing countries. I received bears for the two creches (pre-schools) nearby and for the Grade R (Kindergarten) to Grade 3. I have to take a picture of every child with their new bear (about 200) and I can’t wait to see their faces!

IMG00317-20130521-1703Just a preview.

On Wednesday, after a full day of computer lessons (which are already winding down!) I ran around town like a madwoman to buy prizes and food for the Talent Show for Thursday. The one last November went so well the principal and teachers were eager to do another one. This time, instead of having prize money, we bought hats, gloves, scarves, and socks for the winners. I have never seen so much excitement for a gift of socks. Once again, the kids were incredibly brave and incredibly talented. It was a great morale booster before they start their mid-year exams.


Grade R breaking it down.


Grade 5 boys performing a “Gumboots” dance. They wear rain-boots and slap them to a pretty catchy beat.

In between the town trips and the computer lessons my Girls Club and I managed to find some time to make some bead bracelets:


On Friday we had a celebration for Africa Day (I told you my school loves celebrations) and the kids were all dressed up in traditional African clothes. I wanted to post a video of some of the Grade 5 kids singing a beautiful African song, but alas, I’m in Africa. Trust me, they were wonderful. I played a game where they had to match the African country with the flag, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well they did. Overall it was a precious day.

And this happened a couple of weeks ago, but the World Map is DONE! My friend Ellen came to help me finish and with a partner it went a lot faster than we expected. We may have played fast and loose with the country lines but all’s well that ends well. My principal asked me to paint the South African flag in the corner, so I’ll do that while the learners are testing. Thank God it doesn’t have 50 stars.


Pabalelo playing teacher.


Full view. I labeled the continents later and added “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” on the side. You may say cliche, I say classic.

This Wednesday I’ll be heading to Swaziland for the Bushfire festival for a week and then it’s only two more weeks left of the term! From today it’s 74 days until I’m home, unless Columbia Law decides to take a chance on little ol’ me. I might not hear anything until late June, which is beyond frustrating and stressful. I’m applying to jobs in the meantime, but I’m ready for a set plan post-Peace Corps. Here’s hoping they don’t operate on Africa time and I hear back from them fairly soon.

Before I go, here are some of the kids who love to come to my house (on the daily) to write and draw.


They’ll keep me busy.


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