Valentine’s day, a week later

Last Valentine’s, when I didn’t have a blog yet (OOPS) the school had a great celebration and I got some pretty adorable Valetines. (I think many of them were intended for the children’s family members, but back then they were still infatuated with the American girl at their school.) On the walk home that day I was with a 4th grader, Kokeletso, and we passed a sheep giving birth. I reacted much more strongly than she did, because it was both gross and awesome and because I was still adjusting to the village life. Then, all on her own, she suggested we name the baby sheep “Valentino.” She made him Italian without any help from me. You go girl.

This year was just as cute, and I got a candle from a 7th grade girl, a coffee mug from a 6th grade girl, and Valentine’s Day themed shot glasses from an educator. (Clearly not intended for their American college purpose).

In other news, last week, when we called to make the deposit for our accommodation for the Girls Camp, the lodge owner told us she gave our booking to another group who was staying longer. Are you kidding? You don’t even have the decency to give us a call and let us know you’ve totally screwed us over? The dust has settled, so I’m not as furious now as I was, and we’ve all been searching frantically for a new place. We think we’ve found a good one, so keep your fingers crossed. There’s no way we’re disappointing these girls OR those who donated, so never fear.

Meanwhile, my mind’s been all over the place trying to pick a law school, pick a job, pick a life post-Peace Corps. I know I’ll figure it out soon, I just don’t like being so uncertain. And if anyone knows of any job openings involving Hillary Clinton in any way, shape, or form, LET THIS GIRL KNOW.


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