Term 1 Update

After a slow start, Term 1 has finally picked up the pace. My main project now is computer lessons for people in the community. Parents have been consistently coming since last week to learn typing and Microsoft Office. We charge a small fee, and it has already helped us raise a ton of money for the school. My only concern is sustaining it after I leave, so I intend to trap some educators and staff into lessons very soon.


My typing minions

Speaking of computers, I taught lessons to the out-going Grade 7s when I first arrived in 2011. I tried teaching the basic ASDF but was also trying to survive my first few months at site so wasn’t too concerned with their form. One of the former Grade 7s, Kutlo, just received a laptop from her mom for Christmas. I am SO incredibly happy for her, and I know it was  a huge financial burden on the family, but it was so heartwarming to see them support her. She came over for some help with her modem, and when she began to type, she lined up her fingers on the keyboard just like I taught her over a year ago. I was so impressed, maybe she’ll take over lessons when I leave!


PLANTING HAS BEGUN.  Every single blog post has been “maybe next week” and “maybe next term” but it finally started. We’ve got a schedule of when the learners can go in and water the seeds and clear more ground for more plots, and they’re very eager to get their hands dirty. We’ve been getting some rain too, so the wetter the better.



Look at all those green thumbs.

The girls club and camp are coming along well too. We’ve made a plan to buy the materials in March, so now we’re making final arrangements for transport and choosing girls (which is far too stressful for my liking). We’ve made a Fundrazr page for people in America to donate to this GREAT cause: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/aQCJ2

It’ll help us pay for accommodation, transport, food, and supplies (bracelets, t-shirts and tye-dye) that our grant didn’t cover. Every Peace Corps Volunteer we’ve spoken to has said that Camp GLOW is inspiring for both for the girls and the volunteer. We’re hoping to build up these girls’ self-esteem and prepare them for high school and beyond. Please donate and pass it on!Photo 9

Some of the sillies going to the Camp.

I also traced the map onto my blue rectangle, but it’s hard to see in a picture because it’s in pencil. I’ve been so busy with the community computer lessons that I haven’t had time to start painting, but that is OKAY. I have no problem with being busy.


And now, some weather shots.


Not the ugliest view I’ve ever had.

IMG_1101Hail in 90 degree weather. Not global warming, just Africa.

And some school shots. IMG_1072

IMG_1075Grade R’s (Kindergarten) and Grade 3s

Less than six months until I’m home. WILD. Hopefully these projects keep going so I’m not twiddling my thumbs until August. Wish me luck!


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  1. Laura Dent

    I am so proud of you it makes me cry.  You are a beautiful loving and giving women.  My BFF Alice, your Mom is shining down on you with her glow from her smiles!

    Laura Dent cell: 727 687-8785

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