The Best Day I Almost Never Had

It’s rare, so I’m really lucky to have a few amazing volunteers who share the same shopping town as me. We get together every couple of weeks, and this weekend we all spent the night in town for Julie’s birthday. I planned to stay only Friday, but was quickly convinced to stay Saturday too. The attraction was a sink hole that the owners of the guesthouse offered to take us to. (A sink hole? I know, we had no idea what to expect either, but we went with it.)

We hopped in their truck and took a beautiful ride about 40k outside Kuruman. We ended up at a game park, and saw galloping elon, wildebeest, and impala. (Not making these words up. They are majestic creatures.) We finally pull up to a hole, filled with these huge rocks, with a lake way down at the bottom. We climbed down and checked out the water. (More of a work out than I anticipated, but SO worth it)  It was covered with green sprouts, so it may look gross in pictures, but you only had to move them away with your hand to see clear beautiful water. I’ll be dreaming of that cold refreshing water whenever I’m drenched in sweat at site.


Stranded, don’t send help

We were all so grateful for that day trip and we’re definitely blessed to have such great friends at the bed and breakfast to take us along for the ride. I doubt any of us will be forgetting that weekend for a while.


On the way back, the ride was pretty windy. Our friend Jerry’s eyeglasses literally blew off his face. We turned around to go search for them but they were gone. 😦 Only a few minutes later, my Ray Ban’s blew off my face, but fortunately they were lying in the middle of the road. These glasses are fighters.DSCN0562


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  1. Laura Dent

    That is fantastic. I am so happy for you to have thes memories. I love your writing! Love you…stay safe

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