Happy 2013!

Hello again! South Africa is just as I left it, sweaty and uncomfortable, but adjusting back to the village life is easier than I’d expected. It was wonderful seeing my host family again, and I hope they enjoyed the copious amounts of “I Heart NY” gear I bought for them.

I haven’t written about my trip to America because all 3 people who read this blog (Hey, Mom) are pretty familiar with the country. Chipotle, ever heard of it? Target, ever heard of it? I did almost cry in Target because of all the colors and gadgets, but never received any discounts by showing my cool Peace Corps ID. (It’s not that cool.) I was able to appreciate all the little American things I’d taken for granted before, and loved spending the holiday with my friends, family, and pug. See ya in a few months!

Without teaching English and Math, this first week has been a little slow, but I know it’ll pick up when my projects start. Planning for the girls camp is in full swing, and I’m sure I’ll be asking for help ($) in the near future. We received our grant money, so the next steps will be to purchase materials and re-start the girls club at school to make sure I actually have some participants to take.

I’ve been working more in the library too, but it’s a mobile library and literally (literally) 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. So it’s bittersweet when children ask me to let them read in there because I’m a huge fan of literacy but not so much of sweating to death. But so far so good!

We’ve also had some developments with water at the school, so I’m hoping things work out and we get to really start planting. Keep sending prayers to the water gods!

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying the slow afternoons of reading and goat watching. Everyone says your last year in Peace Corps goes incredibly fast, so I’m trying to take it all in before I go. Stayed tuned for updates and stay warm Northern Hemisphere!


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  1. kevinnbrown

    Oh, don’t be silly. You have at least five readers.

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