Wrapping Up

IT’S DECEMBER!! How did that happen? My full year in South Africa is coming to a close. Since exams began at school two weeks ago, it’s descended into chaos, as expected. To keep busy, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library with the learners and researching possible funding for water sources. There’s still no water at the school, and learners have been forced to bring bottles with them from home. Our garden is ready to go, but there’s no point in starting it if there isn’t a consistent water source. I’m praying by next term there’s some sort of progress so there’s enough water to cook with, drink, and garden with.

Garden Tires
Our fence and our tires ready to plant. 😦

I also started painting for my World Map. There’s currently a big blue rectangle on the side of my school, but next term I’ll trace the map and get it finished!

I’m not going to be teaching Math or English next year, and instead I’m going to focus on secondary projects. I’ll keep going with computer lessons for the learners and community, expand library and remedial time, and focus on my girls’ club and camp. Three volunteers and I just submitted our grants for a Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) for March. We are SO excited, and know it’ll be a wonderful experience for our girls.

My last “project” for this term was holding a Talent Show for the school. We used the Community Hall and the learners had a blast. It was good for fundraising for the school and the teachers are already planning a bigger one next year, complete with a sound system.

Arriving in the Community Hall. They’re ready for their close up.

Grade 5 Drama. I smell an Oscar.


A grade 4 learner reciting a poem about Africa. She nailed it, and won second prize!

Judges deliberating.

This is a 7th grade boy, with the drum set and car he made. The car has a working battery; the kids went WILD. He struggles to read and write, so seeing him shine yesterday (he won first place) was fantastic.

In other news, my host family got a new puppy. He’s currently sleeping on my rug as BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL RAIN pours down on my tin roof.IMG00860-20121130-1447

Now that it’s December, it’s only ELEVEN days until I’m on a plane for America!! I cannot wait to spend Christmas with my family, friends, pug, and Chipotle. I’ll be going to Pretoria early next week for a doctor’s appointment and then I’m off! So grateful and excited for this upcoming month, and grateful for this year in South Africa. I got a lot accomplished, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. I’m excited to see what my last year in Peace Corps brings.



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2 responses to “Wrapping Up

  1. KB

    Here’s hoping you get a free minute in beautiful Baldwin while you’re home. Enjoying the blog!

  2. zisa51@yahoo.com

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!! We soooooo can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!!! And, especially after reading this, I say SCREW NYU if they don’t accept you! There’s PLENTY of other places that will accept you and you are so destined to do such great things (you’ve already done so, so, so many, many, many great things) that wherever you end up for law school (or whatever you decide) is what was meant to be. We just have to trust in God because he’s certainly not going to waste such a valuable instrument of His!!! I have faith He will guide you the right way! Counting days….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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