Arrivals and Departures

I can’t believe I’m already typing this, but our winter break just finished yesterday. Stefan came to visit for a second time, and we went down to the Wild Coast, made our way to Cape Town, then up to Pretoria for a few days. The Wild Coast was beautiful, relaxing, and quiet, and after a few days there, the city life in Cape Town was a nice change of pace. I’m still trying to process the whole trip, and it feels like it didn’t even happen. But it was incredible while it lasted, and I can’t wait to see him again.

Now it’s back to school, hopefully getting my secondary projects up and running, including a garden and a World Map. The World Map is a pretty popular secondary project among Peace Corps Volunteers; with special care and lots of time, you paint a map of the globe on the side of a wall (in my case, the school.) The learners have a very limited understanding of geography, and this would be a fun and interactive way to expand their horizons.

Besides secondary projects, I’ll continue teaching Math and English and do my best to prepare my learners for the National English exam this term. It’ll also be crunch time for my LSAT studying, which I’ll be taking in October. Here we go!


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  1. kevinnbrown

    Make sure you get the proper size of Alaska on the globe.

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